In integration, the need to invest in business and get rich is becoming more and more popular. However, in a law-abiding society, business investment does not only stop at earning huge revenue but also must ensure legal business investment and tax optimization to bring high profit. Therefore, understanding the legal regulations on Investment and Taxation is extremely necessary.

We provide legal services related to the field of Investment – Tax as follows:

  1. Investment field

  • Investing in establishing foreign-invested enterprises.
  • Foreign investors invest in Vietnam in the form of capital contribution, share purchase, or capital contribution to enterprises established in Vietnam;
  • Investing in the form of PPP contract;
  • Investing in the form of BCC contract.
  • Applying for an Investment Registration Certificate.
  • Changing information related to foreign investors, investment licenses and business registration certificates.
  • Carrying out procedures for transferring capital contributions of foreign investors.
  • Buying and selling companies, merging foreign-invested companies in Vietnam
  • Suspension and dissolution: Representative offices, branches, foreign companies in Vietnam
  1. Tax field:

  • Advice to foreign investors on tax obligations, tax refunds and other obligations when working and investing in Vietnam.
  • Legal advice on Personal Income Tax;
  • Legal advice on Corporate Income Tax;
  • Legal advice on Value Added Tax;
  • Legal advice on Contractor Tax, Special Consumption Tax and other taxes.
  • Legal advice on Invoices and documents;
  • Legal advice on Capital and Finance in Enterprises;
  • Resolving business tax errors.

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