Bach Tuyet Law Firm is a specialized unit in the field of administrative law, especially Administrative Litigation with a team of lawyers and legal experts with deep expertise, skill and prestige. This is a very specific field, because in this relationship there is one mandatory subject which is the State Agency – The other subject is another agency, organization or individual. Therefore, not all agencies, organizations, and individuals may have the skills and experience to work with State agencies. Therefore, we are proud to provide customers with Administrative Lawyer services to protect their legal rights and interests in this field. Specifically, the services we provide include:

  1. Services on administrative procedures:

– Consulting and representing customers to prepare records and documents to carry out administrative procedures in many fields such as land, businesses, civil status, …

– Consulting, supporting, and representing customers to prepare documents, procedures, authority, statute of limitations, … complaints about administrative decisions, administrative actions, disciplinary decisions forcing dismissal;

– Consulting and supporting customers on drafting denunciations; denunciation order and procedures according to the Denunciation Law; Representing to protect the legal rights and interests of customers when making denunciations;

– Consulting on other issues at the request of customers related to this field.

  1. Services of Administrative Litigation Lawyers:

– Receiving and researching customers’ initial documents; instruct customers to provide additional information,  documents and evidence related to the dispute;

– Determining the subject of the lawsuit, authority, statute of limitations, order, proceedings, rights and obligations of the parties in resolving disputes in administrative cases, …;

– Guiding or representing customers to collect documents and evidence; Preparing a lawsuit plan and legal basis to prove that the lawsuit request is well-founded, ensuring the legitimate rights and interests of customers;

– Drafting the Petition and accompanying documents and evidence to submit to the competent Court;

– Appointing a lawyer to represent the client to participate in negotiations, dialogues, meetings, and court hearings when initiating lawsuits and participate in proceedings as a lawyer to protect the client’s legal rights. ;

– Appointing a lawyer to represent the client as an authorized representative to participate in negotiations, dialogues… with third parties related to this field.

– Consulting and representing customers to exercise their rights to complain and denounce when participating in court proceedings;

– Consulting and supporting other tasks related to initiating administrative lawsuits at the request of customers;

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1/ Head office: 1132 Le Duc Tho, Ward 13, Go Vap District, Ho City Chi Minh

2/ Branch: 144D Nguyen Dinh Chinh, Ward 8, Phu Nhuan District, Ho Chi Minh City