The relationship between Employers and Employees plays an important role in creating efficiency in the production and business operations of each enterprise. It would be a pity if unnecessary conflicts or disputes about legitimate rights and interests between the parties occur when we can completely avoid them.

Understanding that, we are always ready to provide legal services related to the labor field for customers to avoid legal risks in the production and business process.

We provide legal services related to the labor field as follows:

  • Consulting on labor laws such as: Labor discipline handling, termination of labor contracts, recruitment and use of foreign workers, labor safety;
  • Consulting, drafting and reviewing labor contracts, labor regulations, collective labor agreements, and other internal processes related to labor management and employment;
  • Issue an Official Dispatch explaining the application of labor regulations in enterprises;
  • Consulting on labor laws related to wages: Forms of payment, overtime pay regime, salary allowance regime, salary increase for employees, …;
  • Consulting on social insurance when signing labor contracts with employees: Insurance salary, insurance premium, …;
  • Consulting and representing participants in resolving labor disputes;
  • On behalf of customers, carry out procedures such as: applying for work permits for foreigners working in Vietnam; resolve benefits, unemployment insurance and compulsory insurance for employees when terminating labor contracts;
  • Organize training on labor law knowledge for employees and employers;
  • Other requirements upon customer request.

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