Civil disputes are disputes that form and arise based on civil relations regarding personal identity and property. Areas where disputes often arise include land, marriage, family, inheritance, etc. Civil disputes are increasingly complex, and subjects often do not have an understanding of the law or the procedural process, so they lose direction and do not know how to solve their problems.

With nearly 10 years of experience participating in Dispute Resolution, we confidently offer comprehensive solutions to help customers solve the problem best. With its enthusiasm and dedication, Bach Tuyet Law Firm commits to best protecting the legal rights and interests of its clients in the fastest and most effective way.

We provide legal services related to the following civil fields:

Land – Housing

  • Legal advice on Land – Housing:

– Consulting on procedures related to land transactions such as transfer, conversion, donation, inheritance and capital contribution using land use rights and assets on land;

– Consulting on procedures for changing land use purposes, applying for land allocation, land lease, implementing investment projects, resettlement compensation when the state recovers land;

– Consulting on home ownership rights in Vietnam for foreigners and other procedures,…

  • Resolving land and housing disputes:

– Representative to negotiate, negotiate and mediate disputes;

– Resolve disputes through complaints and denunciations at administrative agencies; Resolve disputes according to civil proceedings through lawsuits in court

Marriage and family:

  • Legal advice on marriage and family:

– Consulting on legal regulations on marriage: Marriage with foreigners, recognition of marriage relationships in Vietnam, specific marriage cases such as marriage with the police, marriage with blood relatives, …

– Consulting on legal regulations on divorce: Divorce by mutual consent, unilateral divorce, divorce in special cases such as divorce with people serving a sentence, divorce with people living abroad, divorce with people who have disappeared, no longer have contact,…

– Consulting and supporting procedures to resolve other legal issues such as: Giving and adopting children domestically or with foreign elements, violating the principle of monogamy, etc.

  • Resolving disputes about marriage and family:

– Resolve disputes about marital relations, child custody and common property of spouses such as: Disputes about child support, division of property upon divorce, division of property after divorce, division of common property of spouses during marriage, changing the person directly raising children after divorce, determining parents for children or determining children for parents,…

– Representative to participate in negotiations and negotiate to resolve disputes according to civil proceedings through a plan to sue in court


  • Legal advice on inheritance:

– Consulting on legal regulations on inheritance by law and inheritance by will;

– Consulting on procedures and drafting support: Wills, documents refusing to accept inheritance, documents dividing inheritance, documents donating inheritance, witnessing wills, procedures for declaring inheritance, notarization/will probate procedures…

  • Resolving inheritance disputes:

– Representing customers to negotiate and come up with a negotiation plan/dispute settlement agreement; File a lawsuit in Court;

– Draft documents, participate in authorized representation, appoint lawyers to protect legal rights and interests of customers, and perform other work to resolve disputes.

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