Criminal is one of the most important fields of law besides the Civil field. Bach Tuyet Law Firm with more than 10 years of experience in consulting and participating in proceedings in the criminal field, we are always confident in asserting that the solutions we offer are based on the provisions of law as well as the settlement practices are the most comprehensive, appropriate and reliable. Currently, we provide the following legal services in the Criminal field:

  1. Legal advice in the criminal field:

Depending on the customers who need to provide legal services, we will provide legal consulting services in the criminal field, specifically as follows:

For victims, victims’ relatives, and civil plaintiffs in criminal cases: We will advise and help customers find, analyze, identify, evaluate the elements that constitute a crime, and identify the factors that constitute a crime, identify signs of crime (if any), from which to propose options or directly draft denunciations, set up procedures to request compensation for damages,…

For accused persons (arrested persons, detained persons, suspects, defendants), accused persons, petitioned for prosecution or civil defendants: We will advise and help customers understand clearly identify criminal signs in the customer’s behavior; The rights and obligations of customers in each condition and situation when working with agencies and people conducting proceedings, avoiding the situation of having their rights violated by agencies and people conducting proceedings reciting, or forcing confessions, teasing confessions, seducing confessions; Proposing plans to overcome damage, reduce or eliminate criminal liability (if legal conditions are met),…

  1. Participate in criminal proceedings:

Besides consulting, Bach Tuyet Law Firm will also conduct the following tasks during the criminal proceedings:

  • Research case files, discuss with customers to collect information from which to come up with the most appropriate plan, appoint representatives on behalf of customers to submit documents to competent authorities;
  • Carry out defense registration procedures, protect the legitimate rights and interests of customers;
  • Participate in litigation activities at stages such as prosecution, investigation, prosecution, and trial; Coordinate and supervise the agencies conducting the proceedings, the person conducting the proceedings or making the complaint, and propose to change the person conducting the proceedings when necessary to protect the client and avoid violations of the proceedings causing harm, disadvantageous to customers;
  • Collect or request competent authorities to collect documentary evidence; Develop an interrogation outline, prepare defense arguments, and plans to protect the client’s legitimate rights and interests;
  • Appoint lawyers to participate in defense, defense, and litigation at court hearings;

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